Professional at every STAGE, Performance at every LINK.

At Stage-Link, we understand how minute details can make difference and how each event has unique needs. Hence, our objective is to treat every event as exclusive and make sure it is successful and memorable. With our motto, professional at every STAGE and performance at every LINK, Stage-Link Singapore Pte Ltd has become one of the most established names in the industry. Established in 1988 as local project management company, Stage-Link has claimed fame overseas too. We have delivered significant successful projects across South East Asia.
In Business, Time & Relationships with partners is very important, Since the very first day in business, we have worked with event organiser and have since established good long term partnership with all of them, we have partners in business across the South East Asia Regions. With an experience of more than 2 decades, we have expertise in all aspects. Our team includes efficient execution planners, an elite management team and creative personnel to turn your ideas into reality.

Why choose us –

• We have a track record of successful local, regional and multi-national projects.
• We have experience, expertise and knowledge of every aspect
• You can stay assured of high quality service as we follow stringent standards at each stage of project.
• We have dedicated teams for working on each project.
• We have exception counterparts for multi-national and across the region projects.
• For projects across nations, we have internationally mobile team of project consultants and source managers.
• We provide personalized and customized services for every event.